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Casa del Las Tortugas
The Healing Place

The Sacred Temple of Remembering

Dr. Paulina W. Farina along with the Associates of the ‘Casa de Las Tortugas, are unique among the ‘holistic’ industry. We offer true, value-added supportive healing and products to clients across the holistic spectrum.  Our portfolio of services from over 29 years of assistance to the public includes: dietary needs – weight loss/gain, mental/spiritual disorders, learning disabilities, allergies, autism, cancer, lupus, alcohol/drug problems, general health improvement, etc.


In today’s stressful world situation it is absolutely essential for you to have a comprehensive program which supports and protects you and your loved ones.


Dr. Paulina and Associates can significantly increase your physical mental and spiritual performance and reduce the stress of this world situation while enhancing your daily outlook.  Our programs allow our clients to gain competitive advantage at work, improve relationships at home, decrease fear that creates negative responses and assist in the upliftment of you and your family’s health and prosperity, while delivering exceptional care and attention.


*      Have you exhausted all traditional methods of medicine and alternative healing and been unsatisfied with the results?


*      Have you placed your faith in both spiritual and modern medical practices only to experience a feeling of loss and depression – hopelessness?


*      Are you being treated medically for health problems and would like something that increases the healing process – while supporting your continued medical care with your present physicians?


Feeling Lost?


You are NOT alone!


Let Dr. Farina Help You TODAY!


Our expertise will compile a complete assessment of your physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental measures, and we can target specific areas of concern.  This help/healing for you will be tailored to suit your individual needs.  We work with you to develop support and enhance your life rather than offer a short – temporary solution. Our services promote total body wellness and are performed in a friendly, caring and professional manner in order to bring about optimal health & healing.


With a proven track record of assisting thousands of individuals, Dr. Paulina W. Farina is consistently receiving testimonials and new referrals from clients, families and working professionals.


Dr. Paulina W. Farina has secured her status as a global pioneering holistic practitioner and continues to create change, manage convergence between medical and alternative disciplines and promote professionalism within the industry.


We understand the necessity for sensitivity and empathy with challenging cases and ailments. Our approach is both objective and kept within the strictest confidentially.

Serving Bonita Springs, Naples, Fort Myers and ALL of SW Florida!